hEY, i'm natalie

A leading success coach and brand visionary

for women wanting more…

Wanting to increase their impact, their influence, and income. I’m a creative risk-taker who will never settle for an “okay” life and always defy the status quo. My mission is to help women like you design the life and business of your dreams for your family and yourself. I know you’re here to make a difference in the world. I’ll make sure you’re on the right path. Glad you came to hang out!

My mission is to help women like you design the life and business of your dreams for your family and yourself.

Because we don’t need a prince to come save us, we got it!

A born and raised Texan, passion, persistence & fiery spirit was something instilled in me for as early as I can remember. Being a firm believer in always leaving the world a better place than we found it, I’m blessed to have created a global brand that changes lives. Every. Single. Day. 

After 12 years of extensive business experience and creating multiple six-figure income streams for myself, it’s time I give back to the world. Today, through my private coaching, signature program Born to Stand Out, self-study courses and online trainings, I inspire and empower thousands of mompreneurs (just like you) to expand their vision, design their dream life & business and go places they never imagined possible.


Having spent a huge part of my life in a tight-knit family, I became familiar with the importance of connection, collaboration and confidently playing a big role in the world at an early age. 

The one thing I always knew for sure is that I wanted my own thing! I’ve always been inspired by my father and other business-owners in our community. Clearly, entrepreneurship runs through my veins.

But as much as I liked the idea of carrying on my family’s legacy, as a whimsical and super driven teenager, I was eager to do something radical and take on the world. And no, rolling with my family’s money or being dependent on others wasn’t part of my plan. I always wanted to be incredibly self-sufficient, an empowered woman.

Oh! And I wanted to create a meaningful impact in the world, and I wouldn’t stop until it happens. Even though I didn’t know exactly how I was going to make that difference, I knew the difference was gonna get made.

Dreaming big was always easy for me, quickly followed by massive action then and there. I shocked the world around me by saying “No, Thank You” to college, decided starting my own salon business at age 18 (sounded much more fun!) and went on to generate a 6-figure income in my first year of business at 19. I thought the rest of my life would be easy-peezey, little did I know the next decade of my life would be a rollercoaster of success, failures and unexpected twists. 

You see, life wasn’t all neons and pineapples for me. I’ve been through my fair share of business mistakes, each of which has helped me rise higher than before and allowed me to realize my true potential. 

Being a talented creative, a natural communicator and a style/fashion lover at heart, I am proud to have designed a business in 2016 by leveraging my natural gifts and bringing to life more of who I really am. 

In Day-to-day life, you’ll see me always working on something; a school project, decorating for a cheer party, or making something special for my kids. And that’s not so different than what I do in my professional life. I use the exact same skills to help mompreneurs discover the possibilities, craft their soulful message, and create a personal brand that gets the attention it deserves.
Everything I do in business today is my zone of genius. And if something is not, I outsource. It’s as simple as that. Because the fact is, building a personal brand and running a business is not a one-woman show. It may look like it, but I have an amazing team.

I believe in our ability to create a personal legacy, make major contributions to society and leave a mark on the world for generations to come.



(And I believe in doing it together)

...that what your mind can conceive, you can achieve it. Dreaming big is the first key step in getting what you want.

...that there is a blank space in the world that only YOU can fill with your light & expertise. There will always be people doing what you do, but remember: They can’t ever do it just like you. The mold was broken when you were born.

...that you can change the world. If you desire to do more, be more and have more, DO IT!

...that running a 6-figure (and beyond) digital empire doesn’t mean a time & energy deprived life. You can be at the pool with your kids or have daily dance party (my favorite thing to do with my girls) if you choose to.

...in standing tall in victory, standing tall in defeat, standing tall no matter where you are, be a pineapple because our kids are watching us closely.

...we aren't meant to do this alone . We all need that coach in our corner cheering us on, or to tell us the truth when we need it.

As a leading success coach and a brand visionary, I see my role as part mentor, part cheerleader, and part teacher, enabling passionate moms to see the beauty in their natural gifts and stand in their power so they can build a better world around them. 

But at the end of the day, I’m not the one making life-changing decisions for you. You will.

If I’ve seen the best, I’ve also been through the worst. I have spent months worrying where money was going to come from, sweaty palms with nervousness and teary nights trying to understand what I was supposed to learn from the struggle. But I would wake up the next morning knowing I could always change the course of my life if I wanted to. 

Wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it. 

You’re incredible. 
You’re unstoppable. 
You’re born to stand out.





18 year old girl who knew two things for certain… i) I’d always be my own boss, running a multi-million dollar empire ii) I loved helping people feel more beautiful and would always like to be the reason behind their smiles.

Purchased my first business and inherited 3 employees who were all about 10 years older than me. Nothing easy about it, but managed to make $100K profit in the first year.

Found the love of my life and married my amazing husband Nick.

I wanted to be a MOMMY more than anything. 9 months pregnant with Tenley, I sold my business for a gorgeous profit and thought I would live happily ever after as a stay at home mom.





A few months in, the entrepreneur in me kept whispering... “Hello, you’re a #Mompreneur!” Launched an Online Product Business with my Husband to a massive success, only to find out one morning that FDA regulations changed, taking our biz from $50K/month to ZERO overnight. OUCH!

Husband had to take a travelling sales job and was gone ALL THE TIME.

God blessed us with our second beautiful girl Suri (who’s a total diva in making – Did I mention?).

Family of 4 on one income... I was overwhelmed with guilt of suppressing desires for even shopping on target-clothing isle for my girls’ matching tutus. Dare I mention the luxury items like Louis, Louboutins, and Lululemon I couldn’t stop thinking about?


Oct 2015


Dec 2015

I decided to jump back into business and help my husband, joined an MLM company, and went on to make over half a million dollars by late-2015 (a natural communicator & marketer, see! I told ya).

Obsessed with personal development and teaching others how to find the success they desire, I realized my passion and purpose was leading me in another direction. 

Invested 25k in myself, hired my own high-level business coach and joined a mastermind program to learn all about how to build and market myself as a coach. 

Dove into personal branding space (you know pineapples and neons) and started coaching clients in its truest sense to empower them so nobody ever has to think about providing the best for their families.

April 2016

Sept 2016

June 2016


Graduated from my coaching Program and celebrated with other amazing women entrepreneurs in Paris, France.

Generated over $150K in my coaching business and celebrated a dream birthday trip with my girls to Palm Springs, California. 

Had a 6-Figure launch with my Signature Program Born to Stand Out, helping 21 amazing mompreneurs build their personal brands and achieve their dreams.

And all that brings me to you (Yes! YOU who’s reading this page!). This year is all about helping YOU rise to multi-six figure status so you can contribute to something greater than yourself (The world needs you).

Want to see it in black and white?

Check out the timeline below.


One thing I would like you to know from my story is that perfect doesn’t exist. I’m not perfect (no matter how much I want to be) because I’m human. As you march towards your goals and dreams, you’ll have super hard days, you’ll cry ugly cries (with makeup rolling down your cheeks), you’ll feel like repeatedly hitting your head on the wall with all the overwhelm…

Thank you for staying with me. I’m honored that you are here. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and I can’t wait to get to know you too. Let’s stay connected!

But if you keep going, no matter how tough the going gets, you’ll get there. 
I know.