What the Heck are all the Pineapples for?

If you’ve been following me or even this site in 2016, you’ve probably noticed a certain fruit starting to pop up everywhere you look. Even my little ones are rocking pineapple necklaces now! So many friends and family have started sending me pictures of pineapples and pineapple products, saying, “This reminded me of you!” and it does make me feel special.

BUT Here’s the question, though; why the pineapples?

I get this one a lot, and no, the answer isn’t just because I think they look cute (and taste!) amazing, it’s something much more than that.

Let’s take a look at a pineapple:

Yum! I love pina coladas… Pineapples are absolutely delicious, yes, but there’s a deeper meaning for me to this fruit than first meets the eye. Think about this; when was the last time you saw another fruit that looks like the pineapple does? Most of the other fruits are simple and round, and there are usually multiple different variations of them that all look, well, about the same. The pineapple, though…..it’s always recognizable.

When you look at a pineapple, you know 100% what it is. Starting to see where I’m going here?

The pineapple is incredible to me because of one thing; it stands out!

Have you ever heard this saying?

Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, be sweet on the inside.

I absolutely love this, and there’s a good reason behind it; all too often, I think we as women tend to want to blend in, be the same as each other, and not take any risks. We’re always saying, “I want to be like her”, “I wish I looked like her”, when in reality, we should be focused on radiating our own, uniqueness. All of us have the power to stand out in the crowd, just like the simple pineapple stands out among everything else we eat.

I use the image of a pineapple all over the place to serve my brand and my message, but that actually isn’t for me in the end. I haven’t put it up all over just so I can think it’s pretty. No, I do it all for you! I think that you have gifts that no one else has, that the world needs.  I believe that you have it within you to always be a pineapple. To choose not to be average, and settle for an ordinary life. To live an extraordinary one!

So, the next time you see a pineapple out there in the world, don’t think of me, or this blog, or a cute journal. Think about you, and your 100% unique value that makes you one of a kind. A true gift to the world.

It’s time to stand up and be authentically you. To be BOLD, BRAVE, and unapologetically CONFIDENT!

Stare your fears down in the face and go after them. Anything is possible!

When I started selling my Pineapple Necklaces(link), I didn’t do it to make money.

I did it to start a movement. I want you guys getting out there saying “I’m not an Apple, I’m not an orange. I’m not average or ordinary I’m one of a kind, I’m a pineapple!

Today’s challenge? Get out there and do something that stands out. Something that completely scares you.

Push boundaries. Build something great. Make a difference!

Let us know what you’re going to do in the comments, and remember….BE A PINEAPPLE!

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